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Behind the Scenes: Work in Progress

doodlingWith the framework set for your book, you should be busy writing away. For me, the easy part is writing. The illustrations are what take an enormous amount of time. Digital illustrations, in particular. While helping my daughter with her homework last week, I was able to doodle away and as you can tell, it was math homework by the boxes drawn on there. This I can do in half an hour. To create my illustrations in Krita (the best software out there and it’s FREE!!) takes a lot more time. Digital art, however, affords me the incredibly important ability of undoing my mistakes, and I sure do need that!  So it’s a medium I learn to appreciate and love. For future Behind the Scenes posts, I’ll be including little snippets of drawings that I’m currently working on. So you’ll get a sneak peak at Book 2. Plus, I’d love to hear back from you so I may do some polls as to what you’d like to see in the books.

Hmmm. Who is in this book?
Hmmm. Who is in this book?

Book 2 is The Magic Forest Alphabet: Introducing Consonant Blends and this time, it’s a story. It’s 32 pages long, and I have completed 6 pages of illustrations. So there’s a long way to go yet. “Done” means that I’ve gotten it to a point where I’m happy with the broad placement, color scheme, and look of a page, but I’ll still need to go back to do a final touch up.  So far, I’m drawing in line with the page sequence, because I want it to be uniform. I’m also very conscious of using bright colors regardless of whether it’s a male or female character featuring most in the book. I am not a fan of certain colors being tied to a certain gender, so every character likes all different colors and different toys in my books. I like coming up with little cute ideas, like the sparkly sunglasses on the  hedgehog in book 1. He still needs a name, by the way so there’ll be a poll on what that should be soon. Once I’m done with illustrations, I’ll show you how I then digitally put the book together.

Also, there’s another giveaway over on Goodreads. So far, 2000 people have entered the last few giveaways!

So much more to come. <3