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Behind the Scenes: I’ve unleashed a beast.

CaptureStill almost half way through the illustrations for book two. I’ve been completely preoccupied, however, by a discovery that I can import Photoshop brushes into Krita (man, told you it was the best software ever, and it’s FREE!!). It’s taken some finesse, some fine tuning, some trial and error but I love, love, love some of the new brushes! It’s a very manual process to import these into Krita but so worth it.  So far, I’ve clocked up about 15-20 hours browsing, unzipping, saving, and only then do I get to manually create the brush within Krita. I find it funny that I’m a little like a kid in a candy shop over digital brushes. My head, and poor computer, is swirling with the possibilities.

Digital art is not at all like traditional art. Both have their own skill sets, knowledge base and technique. Some things on paper, I can not at all recreate on-screen with a tablet. Most things I do on the tablet, I couldn’t fathom doing on paper. There needs to be a some basic understanding within the two mediums but then I strongly feel the digital and traditional art worlds diverge into very different roads.

OK, I’ve just taken way too long away from my brushes. Must get back to it!! <3