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Behind the Scenes: Close to the final stretch!

35015d05-9da4-4ef7-89ac-fce615d583d2I’ve one more page spread to draw, and it’s like pulling teeth. I love drawing, but this last set feels like a huge wall. Mind you, then I am done with phase 1. That means, I get to go back over every single page and touch up all the bits I’ve missed. Anything I’m not happy with, and there’s lots. Then we’re just getting started.

I’ll go over in detail the next steps as I am doing them, once the touch ups are done. Then we get down and dirty with the formatting. Putting the actual book together. It’s exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. That’s the part where you pay someone else an obscene amount of money (akin to your first born) to do it for you. So if you learn to do it yourself, you’ll be a much happier camper.

I’m hoping to get my act together this week and reach Phase 2 (touching up). I’ve given myself a deadline of 4 weeks to get this DONE!!!  So mid-May, I should be ordering the proof copy. Here’s where my teeth start chattering.

If I can stop juggling 50 other things, I can get focused. So today I’m trying to nail down all the other usual household stuff that normally have to get done, as well as migrating The Ragged Mommy to a private hosting site, and then it’s going to be a wham-bam-thank-you-m’am deal to get this book rocking out. I’ve only 45 mins left today of child-free time so tomorrow, I hope will sit down and open my darling Krita software and get my ass in gear.

Update you soon! <3